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Our Services

We are skilled at designing, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance work. The aluminium and glass division team members are known for their innovation and ingenuity. This helps our customers to experience the best at all project stages. The competitive prices and quick turnaround time of our products and services, coupled with our ability to take complete ownership, make the East Coast Aluminium and Glass Division stand out.

Planning & Project Control

Effective, in-depth, and precise planning and project administration are crucial for a successful project. With a hawk-eye vision, East Coast Aluminium & Glass Division’s project and planning team is dedicated to drawing a project charter plan for each assignment based on our client requirements. Once accepted, the focus shifts on monitoring and ensuring due diligence is maintained across the board so that the plan is followed until the final product is delivered.

Design & Engineering

Our team of engineers and technicians are well-versed in global design standards and stay up-to-date with industry developments. So they can deliver results that please customers across all aspects. We provide the finest design and engineering solutions that will give the best architectural output, meeting the required performance.

Installation & Maintenance

Our installation experts make sure of on-time delivery and proper installation of all products. We also cater to all maintenance requests so clients can enjoy hassle-free operations and great performance at any time of the day or year.

Project Management

Our project managers ensure that both clients and the team are in sync with the timelines and project requirements. As the team leading the project, we hire talent from across the globe. Each project manager leads designated teams, and is responsible for the smooth flow of operations from start to finish.